Iceland is also known as the land of Ice and fire due to the coexistence of two types of contrasting natural landscapes and phenomenon i.e. ice and volcanoes. There are a lot of places to visit in Iceland and many unique things to do in Iceland.
The compelling landscapes in Iceland include black sandy beaches, waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, ice caves, lagoons, geothermal spa and many more. If you want to visit there get the best Iceland tour packages and go to see all the wonders of Iceland.

One of the well known in attractions Iceland is waterfalls. There are lots of waterfalls in Iceland and are worth watching. Include these wonderful waterfalls on your vacation packages in Iceland. Here are five beautiful waterfalls in Iceland.


þórufoss is situated half an hour drive away from the Reykjavik. You can also go there from Golden circle Iceland in just five minutes by moving out of the main road on a gravel track. Although the waterfall is easily accessible yet there are very few visitors come there.

The waterfall is not far away from the road and you can reach there with two minutes walk from the road. It is also not very tough for one to come closer to the waterfall to make some awesome photos.


Gullfoss is considered as the most popular and highly visited waterfall in Iceland. It is the main attraction of Iceland’s Golden circle and it is very easy to access this waterfall from Reykjavik if you are on one day trip.

No doubts it is one of the most remarkable and attractive waterfalls in Iceland. Visitors on vacation packages in Iceland tend to shortlist their things to do in Iceland and places to visit in Iceland. Most visitors keep this waterfall on the top of their list.


Bruarfoss is a group of a number of small waterfalls situated in Brúará River in the southwest of Iceland. Very few people know about this waterfall but in reality, it is a secret gem.

The epic scene created by the falling of hundreds and thousands of small-sized runlets and deep blue color as it falls the deep gorge is the best and fascinating scene for photography.


While moving towards the south coast of Iceland, there is another beautiful and very famous waterfall named Seljalandsfoss. The height of the waterfall is 63 meters and it is narrow.

The most contrasting feature of this waterfall is that you can move around the waterfall to set the angle for epic and spectacular photography.

Seljalandsfoss is known as one of the best Iceland waterfalls from a picturesque point of view and it is definitely necessary to visit this waterfall while visiting Iceland.


Skogafoss is famous for its beauty and attractiveness as well due to its ease of access. It is located near the ring road in the Skógar village. The presence of village devalues the amazing waterfall you are going to visit on your tour to Iceland.

The skogafoss waterfall is not too big as it is only 200 feet high and 80 feet wide but still it is a very powerful waterfall. The chances of formation of the rainbow and even double rainbow are very high and make it impressive and attractive for photography.