Iceland has become a very popular destination among tourists and travelers because there are many beautiful places to visit in Iceland and a lot of wonderful things to do in Iceland. Most people are unable to plan their visit to Iceland as it is a well-known fact that Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. The most common reason for delaying Iceland is finance for most of the people.

However, it is possible to visit Iceland even on a budget. Now the question must arise in your mind that “how much will it cost for an Iceland trip? Well, the answer varies depending on the quality and choice of several things including accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment activities. If you want luxury travel in Iceland, you can spend your whole savings while you can save on vacation packages in Iceland.


Accommodation is one of the important things you need to decide on your travel budget as it will be a big part of your cost of Iceland trip. As you expected the price of accommodation in Iceland is quite expensive. But still, there are some options available for budget lover travelers.

The best tip is to avoid hotels – the most expensive accommodation option in Iceland. Airbnb is a great choice if you are looking for budget-friendly accommodation as the double room will starts from $65 per night.

Another option for accommodation is the camper van that you can get from any rental company in Iceland at around $90 per day. The best choice of accommodation on a budget is to bring your own camp and wild tent. It would be adventurous as well as cost-effective.


Food is another important thing where we spend a lot of money unknowingly while traveling. With no surprise, the food in Iceland is also expensive especially if you consider restaurants for your meals. In reality, the food cost at the cheapest restaurant will go up to $30 per person.

So the perfect tip is to cook your own meals. In Iceland, the groceries are considerably low priced as compared to the food available in restaurants. If you are on a budget, the nest recommendation is to keep with yourself a stock of nonperishable items for the whole tour when staying in Reykjavik. In this way, you have to spend $25 per day instead of spending $25 per meal.


In contrast to other European countries, there is no public transport in Iceland. The most efficient way to move around in Iceland is the car. If you have chosen camper van, the only cost you have to worry about is fuel and that is not exactly affordable. The average price of diesel as April 2019 is $1.78 per liter which can add up to a huge cost when you will fill the whole tank and if you drive too much.


You would be surprised to know that you can visit Iceland without spending any money on activities in Iceland. There are many natural places to visit in Iceland and wonderful things to do in Iceland free of cost.

Many natural sites are free of cost without any entry fee and if there are, that is not too high to break your budget. For example entry to Kerið Crater Lake would charge $3 per person. On your vacation packages in Iceland Capital city, you can see many places on a budget. You are not required to pay any fee to see main sites of the Reykjavik on your walking tour.

There are some activities that will cost like whale watching, scuba diving, and glaciers climbing but these things are not essential to get the most out of Iceland tour. You can enjoy your trip even without these activities. With your luxury travel in Iceland, you can enjoy all these activities as well.