Iceland has become a popular place for travelers from the last couple of years. It is a peaceful and prosperous country that everyone wants to visit. But a sad truth about this country is that it is a very expensive country in the world to travel.

Despite this fact, thousands of tourists come to Iceland per year and most of them do this on a low budget. It is because there are lots of free

One of the amazing things about Iceland is that you can drink the tap water here. It is safe to drink because of its purity and you can simply drink it from ay sort of flowing water whichever come across you.

The water is Iceland is Alkaline meaning that its pH is greater than 7 and his the ability to keep our body healthy. The water of Iceland is purified by the lava filtration and not chemically purified. Therefore, simply avoid the costly water bottles and drink it from nature.

Have a free walking tour

Walking is one of the best ways to explore and enjoy the new city. While walking you will be able to see the main sights, get information about the country history and more detail about the culture of Iceland.

While on the walking tour, you will be accompanied by an experienced and trained local expert from whom you can get lots of information and even ask questions. To have a visit with a local guide is a valuable source in and of itself!

Look for free hot springs

We all have heard about the blue lagoon Reykjavik as it is the famous (expensive) hot spring in Iceland. But there are tons of other hot springs throughout the Iceland that are free of cost or at least charge less that blue lagoon.

Near the Reykjavik, you will find a hot spring in Reykjadalur. It lies 40 mins drive away from the city and also includes a little hike to reach there i.e. around 30 mints. This hot spring is isolated and much less expensive than the blue lagoon.

Stay in Hostels

The budget-friendly choice of accommodation is Iceland is hostels. This type of accommodation has a range from bit rusty to the amazingly comfy and luxurious hostels. You can find one according to your preferences and budget limits.

Hostels also offer better space for cooking your own food and eating the meals made from your own hands. It is good for those who want to save money by avoiding costly food from restaurants.

Share the Cost

Sharing is the best way to cut down the cost in many ways. Try to make some friends and buddies at your resident area or people in your tour to reduce the cost of accommodation with sharing the rent.

Another perfect example is the rental car. Instead of renting a jeep all alone, rent it with a total of 4 people and imagine how much it can reduce the cost on each person.