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A complete guide to Iceland’s wonderful Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Jökulsárlón Lagoon also called Glacier’s-River-Lagoon is located in the southeast of Iceland. This glacier lagoon is filled with icebergs and is one of the most unique and wonderful natural attraction in Iceland and even in the world. Due to its spectacular beauty, a lot of people visit there each year. The shining and sparkling white […]

Find out mind-blowing photography places in Iceland

Iceland also called the land of fire and ice is full of wonderful and surprising sceneries and landscapes including mountains, volcanoes, black sand beaches, ice caves, and glaciers. The diversity of land features in Iceland attracts a lot of photographers, tourists, and travelers to this small island. People visiting there has a lot of places […]

How much money exactly do you need to visit Iceland?

Iceland has become a very popular destination among tourists and travelers because there are many beautiful places to visit in Iceland and a lot of wonderful things to do in Iceland. Most people are unable to plan their visit to Iceland as it is a well-known fact that Iceland is one of the most expensive […]

The ultimate list of best hiking trails in Iceland

The natural landscape of Iceland consists of very beautiful hills and mountains that cover approximately half of the country. With such beautiful and amazing mountains in Iceland, it is naturally made for hiking and trekking. There are lots of things to do in Iceland and places to visit in Iceland which includes icy glaciers, hot […]

Iceland on Budget: Free things to do in Iceland

Iceland has become a popular place for travelers from the last couple of years. It is a peaceful and prosperous country that everyone wants to visit. But a sad truth about this country is that it is a very expensive country in the world to travel. Despite this fact, thousands of tourists come to Iceland […]

Don’t come back home without watching the wonderful waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is also known as the land of Ice and fire due to the coexistence of two types of contrasting natural landscapes and phenomenon i.e. ice and volcanoes. There are a lot of places to visit in Iceland and many unique things to do in Iceland. The compelling landscapes in Iceland include black sandy beaches, […]

5 spectacular volcanoes in Iceland that are worth to see up close

As we all know that the land of fire and ice has unlimited compelling landscapes and natural wonders that can not be found anywhere else in the world. In addition to a lot of places to visit in Iceland and many amazing things to do in Iceland, volcanoes lava tunnel Iceland is magnificent natural attractions […]