Adrenaline hunters across the world consider Iceland the perfect destination of an ideal vacation. And why not? The unlimited options it has to offer keeps people coming back for more. Iceland is nowhere near boring with its glacier climbing activities, whale watching tours, snowboarding and what not. For some extreme fun, diving between the tectonic plates to riding an all-terrain vehicle, it is all available to provide the ultimate thrills. 

Not only this. Iceland is not just for those seeking an adrenaline rush. It is for those seeking peace and beauty through nature. For Iceland has some of the most awe inspiring and mystical sights to offer in the world. The best part is that these sights are entirely artistic works of nature. From the glittering blue lagoon that twinkles in sunlight due to the many broken pieces of ice floating about in it, to the mesmerizing wonder of the  aurora borealis. 

In fact, the aurora borealis, or more commonly known as, the Northern lights are perhaps the most magical sight of nature that it has to offer. Shimmering lights in hues of red, blue, green and purple that appear overhead and among the stars will literally have you feeling like you have stepped out of reality and straight into a fairy tail!

Here below, we’ve mentioned 5 best attractions in Iceland:

Reykjavik: The Silver Capital

If the capital of Iceland were to be assigned a color, it’d be silver. The capital has silvery seas surrounding it, with the frozen clouds that shimmer above as sunlight battles to pierce through. The raw, vast countryside attracts tourists to popular destinations. Reykjavik offers crisp, clean air and breathtaking scenery. A tiny population of 123,000 people and still prevails a strong punch with its presence. The capital has its unique quirky style with innovative food joints, creative music, aesthetic feel in designs and rows of houses in vivid colors. Above all, a wide range of museums.
This city with it’s strangely exotic name is a wonderful place for anyone visiting Iceland.

It is a perfect blend of both natural beauty and man made concepts that will cater to all your needs. An excellent selection of hotels and restaurants are available to make you feel like you have found yourself a home away from home itself! Apart from that there is so much more to do in just this city you’ll find enjoying yourself immensely as you explore the city. 

Whale watch tour

For those that love marine life and aquariums, Iceland is a delightful treat. These whale watching tours truly are something else. They offer you the chance to witness some of the most exotic sea creatures in their own natural habitat. If you are lucky you might end up witnessing a great blue whale snorting water from its hump, or perhaps an orca or two diving along the waters. Dolphins are a common sight as well as many other types of whales!

A 3-hour cruise from the capital gets you a chance to watch dolphins, mike whales and humpbacks. The whale watching is a breathtaking experience Iceland has to offer during the peak season, from April to October. During this season, whales of 20 kinds flock to the North Atlantic. The cruise provides comfort and style with an access to decks outside and with an enclosed cabin. 

The Southern Coast Tour

The southern coast consists of waterfalls, black sand beaches and glaciers. The 11-hour tour from the capital provides a climate controlled coach provided with audio guide so it’s easier to learn about the sites. The black sand beaches are one of the most spectacular phenomenon in the world. Apart from that, the tour offers visit to the volcanic islands and Sólheimajökull Glacier for a complete thrilling experience.

Northern lights

Seize the moment to witness one of world’s best natural spectacles. The northern lights tour is a must for those who visit in winter. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the legendary lights provide a dazzling display and serves as a real visual treat to the visitors. The tour takes place across the country side to witness the beautiful lights in the ink blue sky. It is indeed an experience worth having in Iceland.

These lights are absolutely gorgeous and nothing like your everyday average rainbow. These are a proper phenomenon that only occurs in countries near the north pole where the sun's light rays fracture just enough to give us his magical phenomenon. These lights appear in the sky in several different shades and illuminate the night sky with their brilliance. They are truly mystical.

Snowmobiling Tours in Iceland

Snowmobiling is for anyone who is up for adventurous tours. The visitors are taken to Vatnajökull glacier and Langjökull glacier. The tour takes place all year round and has the most powerful snowmobiles in the gives the visitors a chance to be surrounded with clouds and snow. Snowmobiling in Iceland is definitely listed on the bucket list. It’s an unforgettable adventure, riding on top of a glacier. The vigorous and fierce snowmobile can take you up to the clouds. Iceland has powerful snowmobiles which have a capacity to go up to 70 kilometers per hour, much more powerful than the ones in other countries. 

It is not only thrilling and exhilarating, it is the adventure of a life time. Just imagine yourself strapped onto a snow mobile and just whooshing away amidst a landscape of white with the biting wind in your hair! It’s irresistible. Besides, how can one go to Iceland and not play around in the ice??

So book a vacation and fly off to Iceland and experience a world filled with magical sights and exhilarating new things! Dive in the deep blue see or rejoice as you witness marine beasts such the blue whales in their natural habitats. Whether you are an thrill seeker or a nature lover, a whimsical romantic looking for magical sights like the northern lights or simply someone seeking out beauty in nature, Iceland has an appeal for everyone! 

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