Iceland is famous among tourists and travels as the best place to visit but it is not the same as other famous destinations such as Paris or Spain. It is a bit different and unknown compared to other countries so requires some fair planning. 

Due to its subarctic climate and very little population, Iceland is different from other places to visit in the world. Highly wonderful landscapes, waterfalls, mountains, geothermal areas, volcanoes, and oceans are the natural attractions in Iceland that are beautiful and impossible to find anywhere else in the world. 

Despite its beauty, you can get in some trouble if you don’t prepare for a family trip to Iceland. There are many wonderful places to visit in Iceland and great things to do in Iceland but all that requires to be well planned to avoid any unexpected situation. So read these safety guidelines and travel tips and book Iceland tour now.  

Safety in Reykjavik

Usually, there is no crime in Reykjavik. Even you will be surprised to know that minor thieves are rare in Reykjavik. Iceland is free of violent crimes and there are no issues regarding homeless people and drugs. 

Austurvöllur Park is a single area in whole Reykjavik where alone women can’t stay out late because it is a famous place for drunk people. Except for this park at night time, Reykjavik is the best place from a safety point of view. 

Safety in rural areas

You can expect the rural areas in Iceland to be safer for you. The only issue with you will be slow reaching of emergency service at remote locations. Carrying a flashlight with you in Iceland will greatly help you. Also, try to keep headlights turned on and stay on the road.   

Always wear a seat belt on your family trip to Iceland as there are few roads with a gravel surface. Always keep in mind that the roads in Iceland are not made for high speeds. 

Download the 112 app

To avoid any delay in emergency services to reach you, just download 112 apps. Their local emergency number is 112 and 112 app is free. You can download the app and call for rescue at your specific location. The app will also provide access to your location and is good for people on hiking or traveling to highlands. 

Check road conditions before moving out 

Road conditions of Iceland can be checked on It will tell you the situation of roads and closure areas where you are going to travel. Once you see the roads are closed or block you can change your route and even postpone your visit. 

Be careful while visiting geothermal areas

In Iceland, the geothermal energy is utilized to warm water in spas, swimming pools, and natural baths. It is also used in heating systems of homes, and even streets in the winter season. Geothermal area, in addition to its usefulness, is a wonderful tourist attraction containing hot springs, mud pools, and steaming fumaroles.  

The most important thing about geothermal water is its temperature that reaches up to 100°C. In case you slip in or fall in a hot pool, it can result in serious burns. Therefore it is necessary to be extra careful while moving through such paths. 

Avoid going too close to the ocean

Sneaker waves in the ocean, also called sleeper waves are the one that comes out to the shore at a farther distance as compared to normal waves hitting unguarded shore dwellers without any caution.  

Often these waves are so big and severe that they drag away people into the oceans with huge force. You can see strong sneaker waves mostly on the beaches in South Iceland with caution signs. Don’t worry these areas are safe but just need to keep a safe distance from the ocean.

Considering these travel tips and safety guidelines, book Iceland tour now. Witness the amazing places to visit in Iceland and explore wonderful things to do in Iceland on your family trip to Iceland.   

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