Seemingly impossible things happen in Iceland. There are black beaches and lava caves. Glaciers meet Volcanoes. Northern lights are over the waterfalls. Everything that you experience gives you an experience of diversity and makes your belief in the impossible stronger. What is another impossible thing that you can imagine!? Hmm. Travelling with your family, maybe?

Travelling with your family can be a little hectic but it is so rewarding since it provides a chance for the whole family to come together and have a great time. Given the adventurous landscapes of Iceland, one might think that Iceland is not a good place to visit with family, but this list will definitely change your view point.

Read on to find what are the best places to visit in Iceland with your family and what can you do to make of them:

Check, Check and Recheck

One of the major reasons of family trips being difficult is that there a lot of people to manage. Before leaving on for the exploration, make sure to check that you have packed all the legal documents. Ask your family to do the same.

Do Some Pre-planning

Before you set out to have the time of your life, make sure to do check some of the stuff off your list. Have a go to map with you. If you prefer an old school paper map, then do so. If you believe in Google, then download an offline map with you and save the number of people you might know in Iceland. This definitely includes your tour guide’s numbers, your hotel’s reception and possibly the commuting vehicle’s’ man number. 

Now when you’ve packed your bags and ready to set off and have a full on family bonding kinda tour, here are some s the places that you should definitely visit: 

The Geysir Geothermal Area

Perfect for family and a completely harmless sport is watching stream of hot water shoots from a small opening in Earth. How weirdly cool will that be! 

When in Iceland, make sure to visit the Geysir Geothermal Area. It is a hot-spring haven in Haukadalur Valley and it is home to one of the largest geysers. That is not all! The surrounding area is dotted with fumaroles, hot springs, and mud-pits. There are also two other smaller geysers, Smiður and Litlí-Strokkur, that can be easily visited. Strokkur blasts a column of about 40 minutes every 5 minutes!

Gullfoss Waterfall

Your next stop should be this! Trust us! Gullfoss, also called the “The Golden Waterfall” is one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls in Iceland. This is 32 meters high waterfall that falls in two tiers into the river gorge of the popular rafting river Hvítá. What’s good is that it is just a ten-minute drive from Geysir and is the furthest point on the Golden Circle from Reykjavík. What’s more is that if you happen to visit it during the night hours, you might catch the Northern Lights just above Gullfoss. 

Vatnajökull Glacier

Time to take some risk. The thought of Glacier Hiking with family might put some of you off but hey, it’s worth a try! And you’ll know whey once you read what it has to offer you. It is Europe’s largest glacier and covers a whopping 8% of the country. In the depths, of this beautiful glaciers, there is a huge maze like icy structure that reforms every year. The best part about this is an ever shifting and ever changing. It has a wide variety of colorful icy structures to be discovered. The best Iceland tour packages will definitely involve a tour into this Icy Giant. Easily categorized as one of the best things to do in Iceland, this one is sure to give your family a thrilling experience. 

Blue Lagoon

Something that will easily be enjoyed with all the members of the family. Visit this beautiful water wonder to have a spa day, covered with mud masks and dips in mildly natural hot water. Elders can enjoy dips and spas while children and younger member of the family can indulge in swimming and outdoor cafes. 

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