The Aurora Borealis or more commonly known as the Northern Lights is perhaps one of the most magical phenomena to occur naturally in our world. It is a fantastical display of brightly shimmering lights that appear in the sky alongside the starry heavens. As magical as they may seem there is still a perfectly scientific explanation behind it. The polar lights or the northern lights are caused due to gaseous particles in the atmosphere crashing and colliding with one another. These gas particles are charged with the sun’s energy, and due to that, when they collide, they produce different shades of light in the sky.

What are the northern lights?

The aurora lights are visible in some different shades and hues. These differences are caused by the different types of gasses in the atmosphere. The most common occurrence is of the green and yellowish shade. However, perhaps the most beautiful shades are those of blue and purple which are caused by oxygen gas. If you are something that is hoping to see this gorgeous work of nature, it is one of the best things to do in Iceland.

Best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland

Iceland is heaven for those that love nature. It has some of the most awe-inspiring natural sights to see. The Iceland Northern Lights tour is perhaps one of the most fairytale-like an event you will ever experience in your life. If you are planning on visiting Iceland in hopes to see the Northern Lights, you need to know exactly the best time to see northern lights. Lest you end up visiting mid-April to mid-August when there is hardly any nighttime hours, and therefore, no chance of any northern lights. The best time to visit Iceland in time to see the wonder of the northern lights is between later September to mid-March. During the winter months, the sun sets fairly early leaving plenty of time for one to gaze upon the marvel of the aurora borealis.

Guided vs. Self Driving Northern Lights Tour

If you ever find yourself in Iceland during the winter months, you will quickly learn that many different tours cater to those tourists that want to see the polar lights. However, once you make it to Iceland, you need to figure out which type of northern light tour you want to take for yourself. There mainly two types of northern light tours. One is the guided tour, and the other is the self-driving tour.

The Guided Tour: It is just as it sounds. If you opt for the guided northern tour, your tour will be conducted by a tour guide. This is best for those tourists that are visiting the country for the first time and therefore don’t know much about the place. Since a guided tour is mostly conducted in English, it is also good for those that don’t know the native language.

Self Driving Tour: These are best suited for people that are either natives or have been to Iceland at least a couple of times. During these times you are mostly free to choose how to go about things, and the best part is that you are not tethered to a particular guide and group.

For those of you that are angling for a guided tour, this is as good as any when it comes to northern lights tour in Reykjavik. The tour starts in the capital and takes you on an adventure tour showcasing the Icelandic wonders. This tour takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the quiet serenity of nature. Some of the attractions that this tour will take you to see are the Grotta Lighthouse, Elliðarárdalur and even the Öskjuhlíð Forest near Perlan.

This tour is available throughout the year but best experienced during the winter months. The duration of the tour lasts roughly up to four hours. The only thing you’ll need when coming aboard for this tour is some nice and warm clothing, a heart full of wonder and you’re good to go! 

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