Iceland is becoming more and more popular among tourists and travelers throughout the world. There are many places to visit in Iceland and a lot of things to do in Iceland. You can enjoy your visit to Iceland in the best way possible if you self drive tours Iceland.
Renting a car is the best option to enjoy through natural sceneries and rugged landscapes of Iceland. With a car, you can enjoy and drive through more places and so many amazing things. In contrast to bus guided tours, the car will enable you to enjoy activities at your own pace.  
Booking a car is a wonderful way to move around and see a lot of things. You can move freely wherever you want to go or whenever you want to at your own will. There are many things to keep in mind before renting a car in Iceland and enjoying self-drive tours Iceland. That’s why we wrote this Iceland car booking guide for you. 

Choosing a rental company

When you have decided to take the car for self-drive tours Iceland, the next step is to choose the best car booking in Iceland. It is a bit tricky to find the perfect car for your tour.
Most of the people are attracted to low prices and simply choose that rental company. Nowadays Iceland has become more expensive because of currency variation and tax changes and tourists want to save more but in reality, they spend more. 
If you book a car from an expensive rental company but with only 60 cars and no services throughout the country and you happen to break your car on your way. You will be helpless in that situation and left with only your own equipment to fix the problem. 
It will waste a lot of your time to take the car to a service station and you know time is the most valuable thing on a short tour to Iceland. In this process, you probably can miss your next pre-booked tours that might be non-refundable. That’s why you need to look for best car booking in Iceland.  
You need to go for rental services with new cars so that there will be minimal maintenance problems. You should look for a reliable and reputable car Rental Company that has many service stations throughout the country. It might seem to cost you more but in the end, it will really worth if something wrong happens. 

Book in advance

Car booking in Iceland is highly influenced by season. If you are planning your trip in summer, it is good to book your car two weeks in advance but it would be great to book one month in advance to be on the safer end. 
If you wait for longer, you will only have more expensive and fewer options. During peak visiting time like Christmas or New Year holidays, it is better to book in advance as this time is busier. 

Look over the car thoroughly at the time of pick up

It is important to look for all the dents and scratches on the car before you pick it up. When you take a car on rent, you have to sign on a form regarding all the dents and damages already present on the car and will be used later as a reference when you return the rental car.
It is essential to check the car prior to signing the form to ensure that they have mentioned everything. You can also capture photos of the car from each side before picking it up. If you see anything which is not present in the list on the form, you should ask the representative to check the car with you and mention all new scratches before signing the form. 


All of you really don’t want to buy insurance packages for a rental car but it is necessary for Iceland. Some rental companies may cost you damage deposit of more than $1000 if you don’t have rental car insurance. It is best to get full package insurance when moving out to ice, rocks, and ash.  


Iceland is a small country in the center of the Atlantic Ocean and things are very costly here. If you want to enjoy all the places to visit in Iceland and things to do in Iceland, you need to cut off your budget in some places. You should save money on fuel too, most importantly if you are driving a lot. It can cost you up to $60 per day for fuel. 
The fuel can cost up to $5.50 per gallon. You can save some of your money if you choose the diesel car. You will be able to get per liter fuel on cheap rates and will be economical. Another important thing about fuel in Iceland is that there are very few fuel stations in Iceland and too far from each other. You have to fill your car whenever you see a gas station, it will save you from worst.

Millage limits

Keep in mind the millage is not always unlimited from all rental companies. Some rentals offered limited millage. You need to check this before renting a car. It is not a good option if you have to go a long way per day and it can cost you high. 
The price difference is not so big between these two types of rentals and it shows the difference that you will pay if you would make extra 10km. It is better to choose unlimited millage.  

Types of cars

The type of car you choose depends on your preferences of places to visit in Iceland and things to do in Iceland and the season and your budget. When its winter, there is a need for studded tired cars and 4WD is the best option from the safety point of view.
You should also keep in mind your comfort while driving especially if you are spending more time and days on driving. So you should look for the best car booking in Iceland with extra comfort to you while driving.

Two Wheel Drive

2WD cars are reasonably priced and best suits for day trips throughout Reykjavik. In Iceland, nearly all 2WD cars have studded tires to help to move on ice in the winter season. A small 2WD can cost in the range of $40 – $100 per day on the basis of model or season.

Four Wheel Drive

The affordable 4WD or costly Land Rover is great for rugged landscapes in Iceland. If you want to explore Iceland roads from every point, the 4WD is the best option for you.
Booking 4X4 SUV can cost from $100 – $250 per day. A Land Rover or Super Jeep can cost around $400+ per day.
Enjoy self-drive tours Iceland with best car booking in Iceland and experience a lot of things and wonderful places in Iceland.

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