Planning and booking tour to Iceland is more complicated than any other country. Due to its beautiful northern lights, wonderful volcanoes and lava field attractions the numbers of tourists visiting Iceland have increased tremendously in recent years. 
Due to the huge number of tourists, you need to plan and book your tour in advance. If you are going to book Iceland tour for the first time, you need to read this article it will surely help you to plan and book your tour to Iceland in the best way possible. We will tell you in detail about planning and booking tour to Iceland and some tips about it.

Book Iceland tours at Least one month in advance

Iceland is a place full of attractive destinations for tourists. There are many things to do in Iceland and a lot of places to visit in Iceland. There are very few famous places and tours where you need to book in advance at least a month. You can even book these popular places tour later i.e. a couple of weeks before if you are not traveling in the peak season. If you want to ensure that you will get your preferred dates, one-month advance booking is the best option. 

The Blue Lagoon is the most popular milky-blue pool with spa facilities like nowhere else in the world. As it is a popular destination and there are always many tourists visiting, there is need to book for Blue Lagoon spa one month in advance. Most of the time, tickets for Blue Lagoon sold out one month in advance. 

Longer tours are sometimes offered by tour operators with a collection of activities in on a single day or along the way. For instance, if you want to go hiking, Icelandic horse riding and visit remote east in a single tour, you must book it in advance at least one month. 

Dog sledging might not be a traditional activity in Iceland but when the conditions went right, it is the most popular activity for tourists. If you are willing to do it, book it in advance as the availability is limited.

Book Iceland tours a couple of week in Advance

If you are not visiting Iceland in peak tourist season, it is easy to book most of the tours in Iceland a week or two in advance.

Ice caves tour can be booked a week or two in advance. It is the naturally occurring ice cave in Vatnajökull and it open to see in only winter season from November to late March. As the cave is open for less time throughout the year and many people want to see this wonderful cave, you should book it at least two weeks in advance. 

Into the Glacier – There is another cave to visit in Langjökull but it is man-made and opens for a visit around the year. Into the Glacier is becoming extremely popular among the tourists especially in the summer season when the natural ice caves are not accessible. For this cave, you need to book a week in advance.

Be Flexible

The weather in Iceland is extremely unpredictable and unreliable. Tours that greatly relay on weather like boat cruise and northern lights phenomenon can be booked fairly in advance but there are chances of cancellation due to weather conditions. You need to stay more flexible especially in winter season.

The Northern Lights are the amazing natural phenomenon happened due to solar light and appear above the clouds. It means that these lights are not reliable and the view can be obstructed in cloudy days. Therefore the Northern lights tour can’t be booked in advance; you can talk to aurora forecast experts and adjust your tour accordingly.

Whale-watching boat cruise – You can plan boat tour for watching whale in advance, but as it involves a boat ride, it is a good idea to consult weather forecast and decide tour on a nice and clear day especially in winter.

Rental car booking

Your whole experience can change if you book a car for your trip to Iceland. You will have more places to visit in Iceland and more things to in Iceland along your way. You will be able to enjoy even less popular destinations on your way.
With the increase in tourism in Iceland, the numbers of car rental companies are increasing. Nowadays all types of rentals are available in Iceland including cars, vans, campers, 4X4s, super jeep, and Land Rover Defender.
There are too many choices but it is recommended to rent a car as it will be more budget-friendly in the summer season before April. If you will get a car from Keflavík Airport, it will price high. As an alternative, you can get rental car bit away from Reykjavík if you are on tight budget. There are many car rental companies in Reykjavík.

The price of things

The most important thing which will help you in booking Iceland tour like a pro is to understand the price of things in Iceland. It is not the same as used in America. Many people get scared when they look at the price of various things in Iceland. A big confusing difference between Icelandic and American price is that Americans use commas but the Icelandic use points instead. Therefore, most of the time people are not sure what is the actual cost of things?
To be a clear bit more let's have a look at an example, the walking tour costs six thousand and six hundred Icelandic króna. Icelandic writes it in a way that is 6.600 ISK. For Americans, it is basically six point six króna. Six thousand six hundred dollars would be 6,600 USD whereas Icelandic read it as six-point six dollars.
One most important thing about Icelandic króna is that you will never see a number less than 1 króna. 1 Icelandic króna is made up of 100 aurar but aurar are only used by banks and for consumers, it rounds up to next whole figure króna. That’s why you will never see a price like this 6.600,65 ISK. Just make your mind switch when you look at the price of things in Iceland and book your tours in the best way possible.

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