Blue Lagoon located in southwestern Iceland is a geothermal spa rich with silica, minerals and algae. Surrounded by lava landscape at Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, it is one of the most enchanting spa. Tourists visit Blue Lagoon to treat their body, mind and soul while enjoying the scenic views of Iceland. 

The average temperature of the water is 39°C / 102°F all year round. The unique blend of seawater and water from a thermal plant prevents pre mature skin aging and improves skin barrier. You can get comfort, premium and luxury packages available but you can add extra items and customize package accordingly. In addition, if you are visiting during summer, do not forget to look for the Northern Lights at night. 

Reykjanes, home to Blue Lagoon is an active volcanic area surrounded by immense amount of volcanoes, calderas and craters. In the year 1226, six volcanic craters went off simultaneously causing colossal damage to the area but in the meantime creating this astonishing lava field. 

Runoff from a nearby geothermal plant supplies water to this lagoon. It takes 15 minutes car ride to reach Blue Lagoon from Keflavík airport. Any best Iceland blue lgoon tour package will also include a visit to this amazing natural beauty. 

One of the best things to do in Iceland is having a relaxed time at the Blue Lagoon. You can do more than just bathing in the water. It also provides massage, sauna and steam bath. Visitors usually bathing for 2 hours, enjoy a gourmet meal at the Lava restaurant or the café if you are on budget. Other attractions include an inbuilt water bar if you fancy a drink. 

Ready to dive into the list of the things that you can do in Blue Lagoon? Read on.

The Spa

Take the time off of your daily grind, sit back and relax. This is the time of your life! Entry fee of the lagoon can be a put off for the people visiting it but what they miss out on are the details. When you submit the entry fee, you get some complimentary things like a mud mask and spa. There's saunas and steam rooms, a waterfall, and a relaxation area with soothing music, comfy seating, and amazing views. Imagine being away from all the buzz of your corporate life and for once in your life, have a spa day with natural views!  
Restaurants and cafes

If you are not the spa type, which we’re sure you are then fret not! For Blue lagoon have options for you too. There is a Lava Restaurant which is built in a lava cliff and oversees the lagoon. Woah! Wait and imagine this; you are sitting in a lava cave. A real lava cave. Just in case you’re not aware what a lava cave is, it is a cave formed upon the cooling of lava. How cool is that!

Not only this, Blue Lagoon has Blue Café which is an open air café and is best suited when you need a drink in between your dips in the natural water. Not only that, you have an option of indoors or outdoors seating, whatever suits you well. 

Be The Early Bird

We’ve all heard that early bird catches the worm but here, the early bird is going to catch the lagoon without the crowd. A lot of people laze around during holidays and get up late. So if you want to experience the Lagoon in all its glory then it is recommended that you visit in the early hours. Not only will you avoid long queues, but you will also get some clear views and that too, away from all the crowd. Noon till afternoon is the worst time since that is around when people wake up and start visiting the places. So do yourself and your money some favor and get up early.

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