Iceland is an amazing country located in the North of the Atlantic Ocean close to Arctic Circle. The whole country is a secret gem containing a lot of natural wonders and Viking history. 

Iceland is an island of compelling and contrasting landscapes where rivers move through desserts and lava erupts from the frozen ice. Iceland is considered as the world of contrasting features.

Iceland is the country where the natural phenomenon happens continuously among the prehistoric land of fire and ice at the time of summer where the sun never sets and winter where there is the endless night. 

There are too many things to do in Iceland and naturally beautiful places to visit in Iceland. The discussion about these wonders in Iceland will include this country in your “best travel destinations.” 

Witness wonderful Northern lights

Northern light also called Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that caused the magnificent green and purple lights to dance on the sky. The perfect time to witness Northern lights is the winter in Europe. 

The best view can be captured away from the light pollution of the city Reykjavik. Whenever you come to Iceland, don’t forget to get on Iceland Northern Lights tour.  

Visit Blue Lagoon

It is hard to skip blue lagoon tour Iceland because of its milky blur water and geothermal spa facilities. You will surely have a unique experience to get a bath in the geothermal spa. In addition, you will also get various spa services. 

In the Blue Lagoon, the water came from geothermal seawater from underneath the earth and that’s why it contains natural minerals, silica, and algae. Their components are beneficial for the skin and body. 

Whale watching in Husavik

With so many other things to do in Iceland, whale watching is another attractive thing to do in your tour to Iceland. In Iceland, more than 20 species of whale and dolphin can be seen in the water which makes it a topmost wanted destination for whale watching. 

The boat tours move from ports of Reykjavík and Akureyri where you can see whale watch while the successful tours normally move from the town called Húsavík.

Amazing landscapes in Iceland

The landscapes of Iceland have thrilling beauty. Pictures won’t be able to do justice with such mesmerizing beauty. You have to experience it by yourself to believe it. Each and everything is just breathtaking. 

Iceland is the combination of volcano landscapes, unlimited mountains, and hills, plains, glaciers, and waterfalls. Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park is very important for Icelanders because of its historical and cultural value. 

Walk on glaciers

Glaciers are one of the captivating and attractive landscapes you will encounter and explore in Iceland. Basically, glaciers are huge chunks of ice that are formed by compression of snow and it takes hundreds or thousands of years to form. 

There are a lot of glaciers dispersed throughout Iceland. Vatnajökull glacier is the biggest of all and also considered as the largest Glacier in the whole of Europe. The glacier hiking Iceland is one of the favorite hobbies of tourists.

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