Whales are one of marine life’s most exotic creatures. As glorious and majestic as the waves they dwell in. It is no wonder that one would want to observe such creatures in their natural habitat. When it comes to whale watching Iceland is the best place to start. If you ever visit, there are many wonderful things to do in Iceland. But your Iceland travel plans and trip will be incomplete if you miss out on whale watching.

Where is the best place to see whales in Iceland?

Iceland is a country of many wonders. Whether it is lava tubes and aurora lights, or whale watching and scuba diving, there’s always something to do and all of these things combined make Iceland tourism flourish throughout the year.

Naturally, if you want to experience whale watching Iceland, you need to know the best places to start. There are several spots in Iceland where you can watch whales. The best one however is Husavik.

Where the sight of whales is so common that it has been termed as the ‘whale watching Iceland capital’ by the public. Other good spots to view whales include the coast of Akureyri and even the capital Reykjavik. Each of these cities presents a number of different whale watching tours for tourists to enjoy.

When is peak whale watching season in Iceland?

If you are planning on going whale watching, it is best to research ahead of time in order to experience whale watching to the fullest. Sighting whales even on a whale watching tour Iceland is not guaranteed.



Therefore, it is best to go at a time where it is most commonly expected for the whales to appear above the surface of the water. The peak season for whales in Iceland is the months of June, July and August when a maximum number of whales appear often over the waves. This is the best time for whale watching in Iceland as there are a various number of different tours arranged for the public as well.

What specie will I see on a whale watching excursion?

Iceland is home to many different types of cetacean species. There are over twenty different types of whales present in the Icelandic waters. This means the tourists have a good chance to see any one of them if they are lucky enough. Some of the most popular and frequently sighted species are the orcas or commonly known as the killer whales.

Their beautiful black and white patterns and dolphin like appearance makes them a crowd favourite. There are also the Minke Whales present in the ocean waters and if you are really fortunate, you might even catch sight of the largest mammal on the planet, the Blue Whale. Dolphins also make a frequent appearance during the summer months and charm the crowds with their friendly and open behaviour. Some other species that you are likely to catch sight of are the Fin whale, the Humpback and even Harbour Porpoises.

Whale watching tour Iceland

If you are in the capital of Iceland, then the Reykjavik Classic Whale Watching Tour is one of best the city has to offer. When it comes to costs, whale watching Iceland prices can range from medium to low depending on where you are buying your tickets from. However, this particular tour is very cost effective and makes for a very memorable trip.

Duration and Timings

The timings for these tours are scattered throughout the day so that there is no time constraint. You are free to choose whenever you wish to go on this whale watching adventure. The duration for each trip is approximately three hours which are more than enough to enjoy the sights the Icelandic waters have in stored for you.

What is part of your tour?

In order to make our tourists happy and content, we don’t only offer them a platform to view whales, but also added extras to make their trip as fun filled and memorable as possible. Some of the things we include in our package are a pair of warm overalls to keep you warm against the frigid weather, absolutely professional and friendly guidance, free Wi-Fi to keep you connected, access to our visitor centre in case you need something and last but not least, a walk through our whale exhibit. The last bit ensures that only do you get to enjoy marine life in nature, but also get to learn about it in a fun and interactive way.

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