Have you ever experience moving through an ice cave in Iceland? When you enter an ice cave you will feel like you have reached the world of fairy tale and the reality is left behind. In ice cave, the atmosphere is dreamy and fantastic with shinny like diamond, blue colored, crystal clear ice that you will never see anywhere else in the world but only inside the glaciers in Iceland. During your ice cave tour Iceland, you will be able to visit all the incredible ice caves in Iceland. 

Do you know that 11% of total Iceland are is occupied by glaciers? This offers you a great choice of these fascinating natural marvels. We will guide you about your travel to ice cave tour Iceland. Check out what is the best season to visit ice caves in Iceland and what and where are the ice caves located in Iceland.

The best time to visit an ice cave in Iceland

The first thing you need to consider before visiting ice caves in Iceland is the right time. You can visit between November and March. It is because in this season most of the natural ice caves formed and they are very short lived and melts in coming summer and completely disappears in spring. That is why you can’t visit the same ice cave in Iceland twice.

Visiting ice caves in summer

Now the question is can we see the ice caves in summer? Although there are many other things to do in Iceland and many amazing places to visit in Iceland in the summer season anyone who visit there in summer definitely wants to see all the wonders of Iceland including ice caves.

In the summer season, the caves become flooded with water and most of them are unreachable. This is exactly the same time when the melted water comes together, modified and makes a new cave. We know that the glaciers always tend to change, retreat and move indefinitely, so an ice cave that once disappeared may ever be formed again.  

There are some ice caves that you can visit the whole year. But they are very rare as the phenomenon is not so common. For instance, an ice cave was found in Kötlujökull in the winter season of 2017-18 on the glaciers of Myrdálsjökull. Surprisingly this ice cave continues to stay in summer with some changes in its outlook. It is hypothesized that this cave will even stay in next year too, but it is only a supposition no one can be sure about it.

Location of Ice caves in Iceland

There are ice caves on Vatnajökull Glacier and two large ice caves near Reykjavík. Let us take a brief overview of these ice caves in Iceland.

Ice Caves on the Vatnajökull Glacier

Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Iceland and one of the greatest in whole of Europe. This glacier occupies 8$ of Iceland. That makes it an incredible source of countless eye-catching ice caves.

Ice Caves near Reykjavík

Near Reykjavík, there are two huge glaciers and ice caves are found on both of them. New caves formed around both the locations each winter. You can witness these ice caves on your Iceland glacier tour.

The Katla Ice Cave

This ice cave is found on Myrdalsjökull Glacier and is safe to visit the whole year in 2018. The cave is very unique and found near Katla Volcano in South Iceland, that’s the reason the walls of Katla ice cave are deeply streaked with deposits of black volcanic ash.

Ice Caves in the Langjökull Glacier 

Langjökull is the second largest glacier in Iceland and is present around 150 kilometers from Reykjavík. It houses some of the most remarkable ice caves. You can visit this amazing ice cave in Iceland glacier tour.

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