There are many stunning places to visit in Iceland and amazing things to do in Iceland and whale watching is one of the best among them. Luckily Iceland has some perfect places for whale watching in the whole world. There are around 20 diverse whale species living in the waters of Iceland. 

The water of Iceland is favorable for whales because of its shallow depth and long duration of daylight in the summer season. From the last 20 years, Iceland has become a popular center for whale watching Iceland in Europe.   

It is possible to experience whale watching Iceland throughout the whole year as there are many whale watching tours operating in Iceland. You can book Iceland tours at any time in the year. Here is the guide of whale watching Iceland and the types of whales in Iceland. 

Best time for whale watching in Iceland

The best time for whale watching in Iceland is the summer months i.e. from June to August. Most of the times, the whale watching tours are joined with puffin watching and angling.

The best season for watching wales begins in April and lasts until the month of October. But lots of whales used to stay in the waters of Iceland across the whole year. There are 95% to 98% chances of spotting whales in summer season in Iceland. 

Best places for whale watching in Iceland?

There are two main places for whale watching in Iceland i.e. from Dalvík and Reykjavík

Whale Watching from Reykjavík

The tours from Reykjavík for whale watching are operational throughout the year. Each day the tour departs from the Old Harbor – an area situated close to the downtown area. Mostly the whale watching tour move towards the Faxaflói bay where there are maximum chances for you to see harbor porpoises, minke whales and white-beaked dolphins. 

Whale Watching from Dalvík

Dalvík is situated on the shoreline of a fjord called Eyjafjörður. It is a small village famous for fishing with a very small population of around 1400 individuals. The tour departs from the Dalvík and you can witness humpbacks, minke whales, harbor porpoises and white-beaked dolphins. 

Types of whales in Iceland

White-beaked dolphins 

These are the abundantly found dolphin throughout Iceland and used to stay near the shore in the whole year. Usually, they stay in the form of groups and the number of individuals ranges from few members to several hundred. Bigger sized species can mostly be seen breaching, playing and bow riding at the surface of the water.

Harbour porpoises 

It is considered as the smallest species of whales. It is easy to see harbour porpoises throughout the year and all around Iceland but for trained eyes because of their small size. They are usually shy and only seen alone on the surface or in a group of very few individuals.  

The Humpback Whale

These are the most often seen whales on the whale watching tours in Iceland. The Humpback Whale is also considered as the active species of the whales. They splash, slap, and roll over using their fins on the surface of the water. 

The Blue Whale

These are the largest animals on the planet. The record was measured for the longest whale on the earth and it was turned out be 200 ton that was 2 times heavier as compared to the biggest dinosaurs. The chances of watching blue whales increase in summer and tours from the north of Iceland. 

The Minke Whale

These are considered as the most common kind of whale found throughout Iceland. They are well known for their characteristic of curiosity and for reaching out boats very closely. Occasionally, the Minke whales hide under the boats and put their head out of the sea. This specific behavior is called spy hopping. 

Book Iceland tours in coming summer to have perfect whale watching experience in addition to many other wonderful places to visit in Iceland and a lot of unique things to do in Iceland. We hope you enjoy your tour to Iceland in all the way possible.

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