Spring has already arrived in Iceland. Are you planning to book Iceland tours in spring 2019? You must know what to pack for your trip to Iceland in the spring season. It is a bit difficult to pack for a trip in the spring season when weather is more unexpected and unpredictable as compared to normal.

You need to be comfortable to best enjoy the places to visit in Iceland and things to do in Iceland.  Still no worries, we are here to tell you the list of things you need to pack for your family trip to Iceland in the spring season. 


In addition to waterproof footwear, a warm jacket and waterproof outwear is necessary to pack for your family trip to Iceland at any time of the year except summer. 

Warm down jacket 

Iceland is going to be cold, so the warm jacket is necessary and if you don’t carry one; you would have to spend money to buy one. This type of jacket is also good without raining so it is a good investment. 

Rain jacket 

A rain jacket is necessary as there can be rain at any time in Iceland during your trip. If you don’t have a rain jacket at least carry an umbrella with you. 


Thermal base 

In Iceland you will need warmth to stay comfortable, so you need to bring thermal base i.e. both top and bottom. 


In Iceland, it is good to wear long sleeves to prevent cold. You can also use light sweaters over a shirt.


The fleece would be very easy to wear even as a single jacket if you want to stay safe from wind and rain.


To be extra comfortable and stay warm, leggings are the best choice. You need to choose comfortable, lightweight and versatile



Jeans will be good to wear for going out for some dinner or hanging out with friends. 


Hiking boots 

Hiking boots must be waterproof as you will use them to move on ice, glaciers and rugged trails. 

Walking shoes 

For an everyday walk and exploring activities, you would require walking shoes as well. So pack walking shoes on your trip to Iceland.  



If you have some stylish hat, you can carry it along with you to Iceland to have an elegant look.


The scarf is good to use in the windy area as it won’t blow off even with extreme winds. 


Gloves are important to visit Iceland as you are going to visit glaciers and snow everywhere in Iceland. 


If you have the plan to book Iceland tours for hot springs or lagoons every day, you need to bring two swimsuits to have one dry at all times.

Some other useful items

Some additional useful items to carry with you on a trip to Iceland include: 

Camera, fully charged battery pack, adaptor, pack towel, warm sleeping bag, headlamp, thermal water bottle, toiletries, snacks are some useful items to pack for your tour to Iceland in the spring season. 

With proper dressing, you will stay comfortable on your whole trip to Iceland and would be better able to enjoy places to see in Iceland and things to do in Iceland. Hope this guide helps you in packing for your trip to Iceland in spring.   

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