Lighthouse is some sort of tower or a building which is used to serve as a light source to aid in navigation. As we know that Iceland lies close to the coastline and fishing is the main industry for Icelanders for many years, so it is not surprising that there are too many lighthouses in Iceland.

In 1878, the very first Icelandic lighthouse was built which is still considered as late as compared to other nations. Although the use of many things like GPS, radio, and electronics has a negative impact on lighthouses still many are active in Iceland.

In addition to its use for navigation purpose, nowadays it is also utilized as space for exhibition or concert. They are very attractive to see and great to visit and photograph. I know you have already planned for many other common places to visit in Iceland and usual things to do in Iceland like golden circle tour Iceland, and blue lagoon Reykjavik. 

But lighthouse is another beautiful place that shouldn’t be missed when going to Iceland. So what are you waiting for, book Iceland tour and explore the lighthouses in Iceland? Here are 4 lighthouses in Iceland.

Akranesviti lighthouse

In Akranes, an old industrial town situated almost 50km away from Reykjavík lies two lighthouses; one is a small older one that is out of use nowadays, and the other one is newer that includes a small-sized museum with some information about the lighthouses. The top view of the lighthouse is awesome on some pleasant day and surely not to miss on your tour to Iceland. 

Gróttuviti lighthouse

It is located near Reykjavík, therefore no reason to miss a tour to Grótta lighthouse in Seltjarnarnes. Seltjarnarnes is a tiny town and peninsula and is located just 5 km away from Hallgrímskirkja church. The lighthouse is surrounded by a famous amusement place with nice walking and biking paths. Also, there is a golf course and a small geothermal hot tub. It gives a perfect view at the time of sunset. 

Dyrhólaeyjarviti lighthouse

It is located in South Iceland and is considered as the best-known lighthouse. The nice red and the white-coated lighthouse is standing in the center of a nature preserve. That’s why the area remains closed at the time of birds nesting approximately in May and June. When the area is reachable, you can go from beach to lighthouse and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the area.    

Garðskagaviti lighthouse

The town named Garður on Reykjanes peninsula which is located almost 60km away from Reykjavík has two beautiful lighthouses; one was constructed in 1897 and other in 1944. The old one is not in use today. And the other one is repaired and modernized various times with the passage of time. The garðskagi lighthouse is open for visitors and also has a museum of Garður. You will also see a lot of birds in the surroundings of the lighthouse.

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