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If you love horse riding, this one is a tour for you. Get on your horse’s back and travel all around Iceland, experiencing the lava fields, beaches and not to forget the admirable beauty of the land.


You would ride through ups and downs, hills and plains, rivers and fields. This is a not-to-let-go opportunity for all.


A great adventure on your way to get your hands on it, we will make you comfort that you enjoy the complete tour on our Horses with the complete secure and safe guards. We will make sure of excellent services defining the beautiful Iceland to you and your loved ones.

If you haven’t tried the Horse Riding then this is going to be your lifetime experience as we make sure that you are enjoying at its fullest. From the beginning to the end we will be giving you the ideas of each and every place and every round of Iceland you will go through with.

We are going to give you the extra services by making it more joyful to you by just giving you extra views.




What you will get:

The complete transportation

The Additional Entries.

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Departure date:
Arrive date: