Are you curious about knowing how many major cities are there in Iceland? Do you search for the most significant towns and cities in Iceland? Does this post explain how many biggest cities are there in Iceland?

To know about the major cities in Iceland is valued from the perspective of the Icelanders’ living style and the amenities they enjoy. (Source) The list of major towns in Iceland include:


Reykjavik sits at the top of the list of Iceland’s largest cities. Iceland’s capital and largest city, Reykjavik, is located on the island of Iceland. Its population is made up of two-thirds of Iceland’s population.

It is well-known for its rich past and the numerous diamonds strewed about it. Restaurants, bars, cafés, and streets in Reykjavik are worth visiting.

Swimming pools, the Grandi District, the City Pond, and the famed hot dog stand are among popular tourist attractions in Reykjavik.

Decorated city center and furnishing streets are worth-seeing. The unique fun that the tourists can enjoy is the Reykjavik City Walk.

The iron-curated houses in the streets of Reykjavik present an attractive get-up of the city. Reykjavik sounds like a peaceful and healthy milieu where you can freshen your lungs with fresh and clear air.


In Reykjavik, the nearest town where you can live is Kopavagur. It is located some fewer miles away from the capital. It is a valued town for a living. You can easily find a bus from Reykjavik to reach Kopavagur, or you can hire a car for rent.

This town gives you a cheaper city in the surroundings of Reykjavik. Baby Seal Bay, for which it is famous, is the most attractive place.

The other areas of attraction are its swimming pools, Kopavosalaug and Salalaug. The mall Smáralind and Gerðarsafn – Kópavogur Art Museum is another spot of interest. 


If you search about Iceland’s major towns and cities, you can miss Hafnorfjordur. The features contributing to its fame are lava, elves, and Vikings.

It gets prominence among Icelandic towns due to its placement in the capital region. It is situated near the capital’s westernmost reaches. Hafnorfjordur portrays a city that is alive with activity because of its bustling restaurants, stores, and cafés.

The places that increase its attraction are the swimming pools, shopping malls, and museums. The best restaurants and cafés, Pallette, Brikk and Tilveran and Sívertsenhúsið are worth-visiting. 

Hafnorfjordur is where the Viking festival is organized in mid-June every year. However, if you plan to visit this place with old styles of Vikings, you can enjoy the meat soup and detailed interior also there. 


Reykjanesbaer-KeflavikIf you want to count the list of Icelandic towns and cities, Reykjanesbaer and Keflavik stand among the significant cities of Iceland. This locality is a municipality, and the Keflavik international airport takes its name from this town. 

This town is the place of the famous museums in Iceland. You can see the attractive localities with attractive house structures when you leave the Keflavik International Airport.

According to the locals, it is the best town to stay in on the first night or a night before you depart from the airport. Among the exciting museums, the Rock and Roll, the Maritime Center Museum, The History Museum, and The Viking Museum are of significant fame. There are many well-known towns in the surrounding area. 

The town of Keflavik is situated at the lava at Reykjanes Peninsula. So, Keflavik and Reykjanesbaer are among the big cities of Iceland. The famous Blue Lagoon has situated nearby this town. The light festival is organized to promote music and art in the first week of September.


Among the big cities of Iceland, Akureyri is the top city in the Northern part of Iceland. It is also known as the Northern Capital of Iceland, highlighting its importance among Iceland’s most significant cities.

It is also the first city located far away from the capital Reykjavik. Many features accentuate the significance of Akureyri. It is called a town of history, art, and skiing. 

The town of fantastic cuisine and Brynja Ice Cream are other names from its fame. According to tourist professionals, Akureyri is a town that attracts tourists in huge numbers again and again and presents then every time a new phenomenon to see.

On the part of history, it is also a significant town of Iceland. For many decades, it is serving as the trading post of Iceland. The local Icelander rush to Akureyri in winter to experience the slop of Hlioarfjall and stay in the local areas during summer to enjoy the swimming pools. 

Tours in many categories and capacities by Tourism Iceland are booked in all seasons to explore the wonders of Northern Iceland. So, no one can miss Akureyri in the list of most significant cities in Iceland.


GardabaerThis is another addition to the list of the big cities in Iceland. Gardabaer is a town that is part of the capital region. This town is located between Hafnarfjorour and Kopavogaur. Two remarkable features make it the most famous city in Iceland.

The most sluggish houses and the most affluent people of Iceland live in this town. The local Icelanders have started to open restaurants and cafes in Gardabaer. This is the best town known for hiking opportunities. 

The milieu and environment of this town are quiet and soothing. If you have a rental car, Gardabaer is the best option to have it for your stay. An excellent swimming pool has been established there in this town.

Tourism Iceland recommends you bring a card if you have it. Use this card. By doing so, you can save your precious time. So, Gardabaer is listed among the big towns and cities in Iceland.


In the list of the largest cities, Iceland has the oldest city considered to be the oldest settlement in Iceland. The story goes that this town is the site of the ancient settlement in Iceland, when a Viking came for the colder time of year and afterward, he left, leaving behind a man and two enslaved people who might proceed to construct a ranch.

It gets prominence among Icelandic towns due to its placement in the capital region. It is situated near the capital’s westernmost reaches. Hafnorfjordur portrays a city that is alive with activity because of its bustling restaurants, stores, and cafés.

As the most significant town in upper east Iceland, this is likewise a tremendous diverging point for some of the nation’s best climbing trails. So, this is also a worth-mentioning town with a dramatic beauty in the form of whales.


This is another town that is the major town in Iceland. Selfoss, about 30 miles southeast of Reykjavik, is gradually becoming a local sleeping region for the nation’s capital. The town, on the other hand, is much more than that.

In late April, the surrounding countryside is rustic, making the city stand out. The emotive contour of the scaffold above the river is slashed, and the slope upward expands the perspective.

The best ideal opportunity to come is during Selfoss’ yearly summer celebration when the neighborhood residents beautify the town and sell their custom-made artworks and food. One more funny thing to do is look at a horse ranch for a ride in the area.


When you visit around the Southern Coast of Iceland, you can see the fantastic village called Vik. Vk is Iceland’s southernmost town, with less than 200 people fortunate enough to call it home.

The vacationer business is created here because of the beautiful shorelines on which it lies. The sand near the ocean is made of dark basalt, as the town sits straightforwardly under a gigantic fountain of liquid magma. 

You’ll likewise see the bluffs that put the town on the map, just as the ocean piles that ascent up out of the water like a phantom

How Many Cities Are There in Iceland?

ms. The city is minimal more than a bit of gathering of low structures and a congregation ascending on the slope; however, the memory, all things considered, make sure to remain carved to you. 

Final Word: Major Cities in Iceland

These said cities are on the list of major and most significant cities and towns in Iceland. In these biggest cities, you can find a different source of enjoyment. You should view these largest cities in Iceland if you desire to visit Iceland.