Do many tourists look to know what the national flower of Iceland is? Try to read the following post that gives detailed information about the national flower of Iceland. 

No one can claim peace without feeling the fragrance of elegant flowers. So, every country and nation has maintained a love for flowers to show how peaceful and joyful their nation is? Likewise, the land of Ice and Fire-Iceland has asserted to prove that they love peace, they love the fragrance, and they love joys. 

Flora in Iceland

Flora in IcelandBefore writing about the flowers in Iceland, a great article can be read about this land of ice and fire, Iceland. However, this article gives you details about the unique flora availability in Iceland. Through driving around the Icelandic landscapes, unique colors in the shape of purple and yellow flowers can be found. 

Essentially, Iceland becomes a unique nursery for the growth and breed of the flower mainly because of two factors. First, the geothermal feature available in the long and short corners of Iceland makes this land very productive for growing the plentiful variety of flowers.

Second, the volcanic eruption has also proven a blessing in disguise. Although it provides you a unique and dramatic view while discharge goes on full swing, the volcanic force has also proven fecund for the flora growth in Iceland.

So, these two natural phenomena have played their due role in bringing unique and unforgettable categories of flora to Iceland. This uniqueness in flora has also made the Icelanders very sensitive concerning the protection and preservation of the Icelandic flowers in Iceland. 

However, efforts are now being made to stop such disruption against the Icelandic flowers in Iceland. Besides, the flora in Iceland has roots in Icelandic culture and history.

According to the flora experts, the Icelanders have been using these floras as spices for the last time. Furthermore, they have been using the local herbs in tea and making medical remedies against the diseases in Iceland. 

Thus, the flora in Iceland has had a lot of value for the Icelanders since their advent in Iceland. Therefore, to better know about flora in Iceland, there are many genres of flora available in Iceland. These blossoms of Iceland are considered:(Source)

Arctic Thyme

Arctic ThymeAmong the flowers of Iceland, Arctic Thyme is found everywhere in Iceland. Its other name is Bloomberg. To grow arctic thyme, you need sandy lands and gravelly soils.

This is why arctic thyme grows plentifully in Iceland because the said above lands and soils are plentifully available in Iceland. Cold thyme has a purple tone. 

The Icelanders have been using it for making tea. Bloomberg is otherwise called a staple in the Icelandic spices. According to Icelanders, Arctic Thyme has many medical benefits.

Among these medical benefits, you can enjoy it to strengthen your heart and head. You can use it to scrub your blood. It is considered as the solution for the women’s feminine guideline. 


LupineThere is another addition to the flora of Iceland that sparks controversies in Iceland. This is Lupine among the flora of Iceland. Essentially, the plant Lupine is grown in North America.

So, it is originally a North American plant that was introduced in Iceland in 1945. After its inception into the Icelandic landscape, it has erected success flags. It keeps on filling effectively in each edge of this country. 

According to Icelanders, it sometimes is perceived to pose a threat to Iceland’s local plants. Due to this factor, Lupine has many opponents in Iceland. However, every Icelander is not against the Lupine.

It has a beautiful color and gives a unique view. Lupine is also attractive for the photography purpose for the locals and tourists. So, Lupine is now considered among the flora available in Iceland. 


BerriesIn Iceland, every season, Icelanders are found to focus on growing berries, and they grow them abundantly. Why do Icelanders have a passion for growing it abundantly? They grow it for making a wealth of jam and jellies. Icelanders collect it to store it as a solid option for their homes. 

Another activity concerning berry is to go out and collect berries which are called Bergamo in the local language. The Icelanders usually pick berry in the season between August and mid-September. On the other hand, this time may witness a change. 

If you have grown timely, you can pick it up at the said above time. It depends on its seeding time. In this land of ice and fire, you will see berry growing wild. The berry in Iceland is distinguished in many ways, which are its feature free from pesticides.

When you pick the berry, the Icelanders terms this pick berry as blabber, which means blueberry. This blabber is famous, more delicious, and sweeter than North America. This genre is called bog berry.

There is another sort of berry called bilberry, which is harvested in the Northeast of Iceland. You will find it less delicious than bog berry. 

Valuably, these two bog berries and bilberry are used for making James. There is another genre of berry-evergreen and the coming of the heather family. This sort of berry is called crowberry.

It produces small berries in black color. According to experts, the Icelanders use these berries to make the Kvoldsol-the only native wine in Iceland. On the other hand, there is a wild strawberry that is considered rare and hard to find indigenous strawberry.

 If you tend to see this indigenous wild strawberry with your eyes, you should visit Northern Iceland because these are harvested there in the North of this country.

Furthermore, you should visit the strawberry farm maintained by a Netherlandish couple in this Northern part of Iceland. So, the berry and its all species are the most prominent flora in Iceland. Count it as the giant flower in Iceland.

Berry in Iceland has another species which is known as Redcurrant. It is cultivated throughout Iceland. 


is not a form of indigenous berry in Iceland. This can be used for making jelly. To differ in the taste, you can find another genre called stone brambleberry, which is also used to make delicious jellies for serving on special occasions in Iceland.

These are small, red in color, and sour in taste. These genres of berry are widely grown in the Snaefellsness Peninsula and the North of Iceland. 

Sheep Sorrel

Among the most significant flowers of Iceland, sheep sorrel is another addition. It comes from the buckwheat family. Its leaves have a harsh taste. You can involve its leaves for salad. These can likewise be taken to your experience of the climb.


Rhubarb can be used for pen cakes. These can be given to the children with a bit of sugar. 


This flower is wild and is seen in the whole country. This wild plant is grown in disturbed soils. Due to this fact, it is widely found in Iceland. 


Among the flowers in Iceland, Caraway is a wildflower in Iceland. Its seeds are treasured at homes and are used for bread rolls. 


In Icelandic flowers, Angelica has prominence. The Icelanders term it as an angel herb. It is viewed as a solution for stomach afflictions. 


In Icelandic flowers, Dulse, known as Sol in Iceland, is used in foods. It used to remain a part of traditional Icelandic foods. It was used with butter or cod liver oil. 


In big Icelandic flowers, kelp has a brown color. It is grown as algae in Iceland. In the Wesfjords region, along with areas, it is farmed. It is cultivated mainly to use in skincare products. 


Among the Icelandic flowers, moss is found in many forms. This is also considered in the flora of Iceland.

Icelandic National Flower

To know about the Icelandic national flower, many sources explain it. So, Holtasoley is the national flower of Iceland. You will also know it with another name in Iceland: Dryas Octopetala.

Holtasoley is found in the Arctic region. This flower in size is considered among the list of tiny flowers. Holtasoley is a blossoming plant. It comes from Rosaceae (Source).  

Final Word: National Flower of Iceland

This article gives a detailed brief about the flowers of Iceland. The flowers are also a unique feature in Iceland because the geothermal and volcanic availability make the flora in Iceland an impressive growth.

Therefore, it is said that this exceptional fertility brings unique colors in terms of flowers in Iceland. If you are a tourist and plan to stockpile amazing pictures of nature in colors, you can visit Iceland and explore the colors of flora in Iceland. This article by Tourism Iceland is a blend of tips and guidance for the explorers of Icelandic flowers.


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