Scenic Skaftafell Airplane Tour

On this scenic air tour, we explore the majestic vistas surrounding the Skaftafell National Park area, home to some of Iceland‘s biggest glaciers, most prolific volcanoes and richest river deltas.

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Helicopter tour from Reykjavik – Waterfalls and glacier landing

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls and land on an Icelandic glacier.

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Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour

Description Take an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime fly above the Fagradalsfjall volcano’s fiery fountains and molten rivers in 2021. Anyone visiting Iceland during the stunning eruption should not miss out on this airborne excursion. So, join us in Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour.  How to Begin with Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Tour You’ll meet your pilot and receive a […]

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