Diving Silfra Day Tour

Diving Silfra Day Tour

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Quick Information 

Things to Include: 

- Free pickup from Reykjavik
- Dive Instructor
- 2 Guided dives
- Required dive equipment
- Hot Chocolate
- Entrance fee to Silfra


Things to bring with you:

- SCUBA dive certificaion card 

- Dry suit dive certification 

- 10 logged dry suit dives within 2 years

- A Long Underwear

- Tick Socks

- Cloths as per weather


Tour Description

There’s very few things in the world that can compare to the pleasure of diving headfirst into a cool body of water. This tour is the one of the top things to do in Iceland, if you’re a dry suit diver, you would definitely agree.

Silfra is a place of wonder that will take your breath away. In actuality it is a crack in the surface of the earth which was formed thousands of years ago by the natural movement of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. What makes the Silfra fissure truly mesmerising and unique is the fact that it offers up to 100 meters of underwater visibility due to the fact that the water is glacial and filtered by lava rocks.

If you’re looking for the perfect host to help you along your adventure, we are the perfect candidates. The Silfra Diving Day Tour will help you enjoy your time to the utmost. It will begin from the point where we will come to greet you wherever you happen to be staying. After this you will embark on a one hour journey to Thingvellir National Park in which you will learn about the local culture, history and geological phenomenon of Silfra through your tour guide.

After this you’ll arrive at the Silfra fissure where we will not only provide you diving equipment but also help you in setting it up.  Rest assured that we use the best quality equipment and materials to ensure your safety.

We do however have a prerequisite, however this is only to ensure the safety of our guests. All tourists on this journey must have a dry suit diver certificate OR at least TEN logged dry suit dives within 2 years of the tour date. The tourists must also be able to provide written proof of the latter signed by a dive instructor.

In case you don’t fulfil these requirements, worry not. There’s still a lot you can do. Either you can take a short diving course before coming or simply snorkel instead of scuba diving!

After that’s out of the way, there’s nothing standing between you and cool crystal waters of the Silfra Fissure. The water is so pure that you can easily drink it without a care in the world while diving.

While diving, there are four main parts of Silfra snorkeling for you to explore and enjoy underwater.

First you will float along the Big Crack where you can have someone take a photo of you between two different continents! This is also the narrowest part of Silfra.

Then as you continue to explore the Big Crack will open up and give way to The Silfra Hall where you can enjoy magnificent sights and even perhaps get a chance to see local ducks and geese floating above.

Lake Thingvallavatn is third on the agenda and there, if you’re lucky you might get to experience the 'chandelier effect’ caused by scuba divers ahead of you.

Lastly, you’ll arrive at the Silfra Cathedral and enjoy the wondrous sights it has to offer and perhaps even get in touch with your soul.

Once you’re through with all this we will guide you back through a strenuous but equally rewarding 250 meter path using your dive gear. Afterwards you will have a chance to dry yourself off and warm your hands whilst enjoying a steaming mug of hot chocolate with cookies!

Our tours usually consist of two dives. Each dive lasts about 30 to 40 minutes. However if the temperatures are below 0 degrees Celsius we only do an extended dive of 45 to 50 minutes in order to ensure the safety as well as wellbeing of our tourist divers.

Alongside all this we offer a few extra services to add onto your package as well. These include souvenir shopping, snorkelling and even a short Silfra Tectonic Plates Specialty course.

So what are you waiting for? We welcome you to come join us!