Northern Lights Tour on Mini Van

Northern Lights Tour on Mini Van

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Availability of Tours:  Whole Year

Location of Tour: Southwest Iceland

Duration of Tour: 4 hours

Pick Up Time: 20:30

·        We start picking at 20:30 in winter and can pick up from your accommodation or the nearest Bus Stop 30 minutes before departure time.

·        Return time will be around 00:30. We have one difference for spring and autumn season that is one hour later.

Things are Included:

·        English-speaking guide

·        Minibus Tour

Things to Bring with you:

·        Comfortable shoes for hiking

·        Warm clothing

·        Outerwear suited to rainy or chilly weather

Things you must know:

Sometimes, the weather conditions don’t allow us start tour; in such cases we will give you a voucher to have any next tour with us for free. However, you have to book for the free tour before the time.

We take the final decision on the tour at 17:00hrs daily depending on the weather condition. If there will no chances of lights, we won’t be able to continue the tour as we never want to waste your valuable time.

Our experienced guides will keep you updated about the areas to visit depending on the weather conditions. Before we start the tour, we consult with the forecasts to choose the ideal location to visit.


The Northern lights or Aurora Borealis are great places to see in Iceland, and we try our best to explore this amazing place with ease. The tour usually starts from Reykjavik we bring you to the darker skies after few minutes’ drive.

Please remember the lights are unpredictable: The Aurora Forecast shares the weather conditions every day, but they cannot guarantee the sightings.

The Northern Lights can of any color like, pink, green, white, red or blue. The light colors always depend on the solar winds slamming into the earth’s magnetic field. When the partials meet with the oxygen-rich air, they converted into glorious looking colors.

Book your tour now and be ready to view the brilliant show of nature.


Grotta Lighthouse: If you want to enjoy the peace, this is the one where you can take some gorgeous photos where you will find less rush of people.

Öskjuhlíð Forest near Perlan: This place is not much far from the city but gives you an enormous view of nature, but if you are trying to get away from the lights.

Elliðarárdalur: Another place that is away from lights is Elliðarárdalur, but has a great view of the beautiful trees and running water.

Further from Reykjavik: For the people who have their vehicles at Reykjavik tour, you can go out of the city you can have a marvelous view just a few minutes’ drives away.  Heidmork and the Kleifarvantn lake are the 2 solid options to check.

Aurora Reykjavik: Never miss visiting Aurora Reykjavik and its museum that’s right in downtown Reykjavik.