The Golden Circle & Northern Lights - Combo Deal

The Golden Circle & Northern Lights - Combo Deal

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Tour Details
- Duration: 9 hours
- Departures: 10:30
What's included
- Bus fare
- Guided tour on both tours


Iceland is filled with many wonders! This one day tour will take you on an unforgettable adventure where you get to not only explore famous Icelandic landmarks such as The Golden Circle but also experience the mystical magic of the Aurora Lights!

This six hour tour will begin at BSI bus terminal at precisely 10:30 am and string you along for the time of your life. The three most important destinations while you are on this tour include the following;

-    The Geysir Geothermal Area
-    Gulfoss Waterfall
-    Thingvellir National Park

We all here the term the geyser. However not many of us that every geyser in the world gets its name from Iceland’s famous Geysir. Unfortunately, Geysir is no longer active however there is another smaller more tenacious geyser in the vicinity called Strokkur which still manages to spurt water up to 40 ft in the air actively every 4 to 8 minutes!
Similarly the beautiful Gulfoss Waterfall is another natural wonder of Iceland.

The waterfall drops from the icy river called Hvita which is fed from Iceland’s second largest glacier called Langjokull. The waterfall drops in several steps and makes for an impressive sight. Looking from the top, it gives off the illusion that it drops straight into a dark abyss and dissolves into nothing however, in truth, it falls into a deep crack in the earth which is over 30 metres deep. 

Lastly, the final stop of the tour is in Thingvellir which is a treat for anyone interested in Geology as it is one of the only places in the world where you can view the Earth’s tectonic plates above the surface. 

After all of this, at approximately 4:30 pm you will return to the capital Reykjavik where you will have a couple of hours to rest up and enjoy what the city has to offer until your next tour begins. The next tour will take you along to experience the northern lights. These tours happen twice a year when the lights appear in the sky. The first time frame is between mid October to March and the other happens between August to October. 

The northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis are an impressive display of light which is caused by light particles from the sun crashing with the gas particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. These are a stunning display of lights that appear in various different hues of red, blue, purple and green. 

This tour will take you to best possible vantage point from where you can view the Aurora Borealis in the best way possible. These locations will wary from place to place depending on the weathering conditions. One thing to note is that because these tours are dependent on the weather, we cannot guarantee that you will sight the lights. However, we want to assure you that if you do not see it on your tour, you are more than welcome to join the tour once again free of charge the next time!

The time of return is also dependent how well and long the Aurora lights display lasts. However, an estimated time is three to four hours at maximum after your tour begins. 


-    People who have children with them would be better advised to choose the 7:30pm departure time which is available from October to March.
-    The tour is solely dependent on the weather and thus we cannot guarantee sightings of the Aurora Lights.
-    Return time is also flexible as it is dependent on the roads and weather conditions.
-    If you are unable to see the Northern Lights on your first paid tour, we offer you to join us free of charge on the next tour. 
-    Don’t forget to dress warmly!

•    We offer guidance in English daily for your ease
•    We offer guidance in Spanish only on Tuesdays and Saturdays