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Best Golden Circle Tour Iceland from Reykjavik in 2022

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Are you in the quest for the most popular trip in Iceland? We inform you here about Iceland’s best Golden Circle tour from Reykjavik in 2022. How do you find the Icelandic Golden Circle tour the best tour can be explored as follows?

Why is The Golden Circle Tour the Best Tour in Iceland from Reykjavik?

The Golden Circle tour is the prime destination that tourists worldwide rush to the land of ice and fire every year and explore its wonders, coming from Reykjavik.

The most popular trip in Iceland in 2022 is the Golden Circle tour due to its iconic and dramatic destinations scattered along the famous Golden Circle.

You will explore how greatly the history, culture, and natural beauty in this area make it the best Golden Circle tour in Iceland. To know the reasons why is the Golden Circle tour the best in Iceland in 2022, the following destinations and features are likely to understand:

Explore Kerio Volcanic Crater Lake

Kerio Volcanic Crater Lake is part of the famous Golden Circle tour in the Southern Part of Iceland. This lake is situated in the Grimsnes Area. The lake extends on the Western Icelandic Volcanic Zone. The area houses Caldera, Seyðishólar and Kerhóll craters. The Kerio crater lake is said to form around 3000 years ago.

Many experts of volcano studies believe the crater had taken place due to a huge explosion many thousand years ago. You will find scarce information about it. The crystal clear aspect of this lake is that it offers many natural scenes.

One of these scenes, the water at the lake’s bottom that is not the result of any rainfall, gives an eye-catching attraction. There are many stunning views and natural beauty that you can explore. You can follow different paths to explore the natural beauty of this lake in the Golden Circle tour.

Visit the Gullfoss Waterfall

The second most important feature that signifies the Golden Circle tour as the best Golden Circle tour in Iceland is the Gollfuss Waterfall. This waterfall is the most attractive destination in the Iceland Golden Circle tour. This waterfall originates from the second most popular glacier-Langjokull glacier.

Most importantly, it has a magnificent drop, offers to sprout water sizably in the air and causes to create a big rainbow in the sunlight.

You can find that many paths are built and can be utilized to pay homage to the waterfalls dazzling drops. You can use either of these paths to reach different decks to observe the waterfall from proximity.

Experience Geyser the Geothermal Area

To explore the Golden Circle further, you have to experience Geyser-the geothermal area. This geothermal area has a worth-mentioning tourist attraction and finds its name from the great geyser that is not active nowadays.

You can find a variety of vents, pits, and ponds in this area. The more attractive destination in this area is the Strokkur Geyser. You will notice it sprouting water some 20 meters high in the air after every 5-10 minutes. The hot springs are also of significant relevance for the advocates of tourism.

Discover the Thingvellir National Park

The Thingvellir National Park is another feature that makes the Golden Circle tour the best tour in Iceland. This national park is the hallmark of both history and geology in Iceland. To accentuate its historical aspect, consider that the world’s first parliament was constructed by the Vikings here in 930 AD.

The Pingvellir is the oldest seat of law-making that remains active till today. To highlight its geological aspect, understand that the two tectonic plates between North America and Eurasia are visible here. UNESCO has raked this site among its world heritages in 2004.

So, being the oldest seat of law-making and the place of two tectonic plates make it most attractive to explore.

How Does Tourism Iceland Make the Golden Circle Tour The Best Tour?

To admire the enthusiasm of the tourists, Tourism Iceland is committed to offering the Icelandic best Golden Circle tour in 2022. It ensures to discover the entire tourist attractions in the Golden Circle.

You can join our one-day Best Golden Circle tour to meet your passion. Consider the following itineraries in the best Golden Circle tour:

Thingvellir National Park:

Tourism Iceland makes rigorous efforts to cover the whole 300 km long Golden Circle. Therefore, you can book this best Golden Circle tour to visit the most popular sites in Iceland.

At the peak of this tour, you will visit the afore-mentioned Thingvellir National Park and explore all related but remarkable aspects of attraction.

Geyser Geothermal Area: 

Our company Tourism Iceland entertains the aspirations of those who are inclined to explore the hot water springs. It also facilitates visiting the oldest Great Geyser area. So, you will meet your aspirations in our best Golden Circle tour.

Gullfoss Waterfall:

Tourism Iceland recommends not to miss the Golden Circle tour Iceland. This waterfall is unique in providing dramatic scenes to the tourists. Many tourists confirm it as the essence of the Golden Circle tour.

Consider What is Important to Note in the Golden Circle Tour?

  • In the Golden Circle Tour Iceland, Tourism Iceland is unlikely to provide foods and beverages. Those who book a tour with us must make their arrangements on their behalf. They should be cautious of arranging food and drinks before we depart for the destinations.
  • Besides, we follow a lenient policy concerning cancellation to ensure the best proceedings in our best Golden Circle tour in Iceland. If you cancel your booking 24 hours before we depart for the Golden Circle, you will get 100% of the fees. After 24 hours, we will deduct a certain percentage of the fee charges.
  • Please make sure to reach the meeting venue so that you may not miss exploring the Golden Circle tour. 

To End

The Golden Circle tour is the best destination in Icelandic tourism. It offers the best amenities to serve well the tourists across the world. Be safe and relaxed and be the next part of our tourists to enjoy this best Golden Circle tour.

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