What change in itineraries and destinations does the weather in Iceland in December bring? Do you know the tours destination from summer to winter perspective has dully begun?

Is there anything you are looking for to make your December landing in Iceland blissful? Scroll down these pages and find all that may give you a relevant direction.  

What is the Weather in Iceland in December? 

According to tourist experts, December weather in Iceland presents the best opportunities to explore the marvelous beauty of Iceland. On the edge of the darkening nights, the Northern Lights produce the maximum chances to show their dramatic views across the horizons.

Weather in Iceland in DecemberTo add further, you will experience December as the peak of winter due to its coldest and darkest features. Besides, the daylight decreases to the extreme extent by giving 4-5 hours’ chance to the Sun hovering in the Icelandic part of the orbit.

 In addition to the snow, fog, and frost on one hand and ice caves activities and snowmobiling adventures on the other, the Christmas event has surely approached as the life of the Icelandic weather in December. In December, these features make the Iceland weather significant and valuable for touristic activities. 

Valuably, December weather in Iceland denotes the huge amount of snow and ice that turns Iceland into an icy cap. With this snowy condition, particularly stick to your safety. Tourism Iceland will also ensure the tourists’ safety in its tours and operations. 

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How Do You Spend the Weather in Iceland in December?

With your journey to Iceland in December weather, you can engage in various new activities. Read these activities as below: 

Christmas Celebrations in December Weather in Iceland

December Weather in IcelandYou can land in Iceland in December. See how the Christmas celebrations are exulted. These kinds of celebrations have become an integral part of Icelandic traditions. On these traditions, holidays are announced. The Icelanders say “Jul” for a holiday. This is the same word that other Scandinavian languages have in their vocabulary. 

You truly find how Christmas is taken as the celebration of lights. On the same end, the Christmas celebration on the national level indicates this land as a follower of Christianity. 

Iceland became the advocate of Christianity in 1000 Ad. Since then, it has been the official religion of the Icelanders. To some extent, some Icelanders still practice the heathen practices secretly. In Iceland December, the Christmas celebrations occur with the advent of this month.

However, the peak is observed on the fourth Sunday, a bit before the eve of Christ’s birthday. On this day, the whole country is illuminated much like the rest of Christendom. You will find these celebrations in different directions and modes. 

In Reykjavik, these celebrations start with the Great Oslo Christmas Tree lightening in the eastern field. This event has popular roots in the Icelanders and outsiders. You can see the event and learn about the Yule Lads. According to poet Johannes, this is the tale of the 13 brothers.

These brothers had landed in 1930 in Iceland. It is said, they were obnoxious and mischievous. They are said to be secretive and sneaky. However, they cannot be associated necessarily with frightening.

December Weather in IcelandGryla, their giant mother, is a terror in this story. This lady is said to be a cannibal. She is not only the cannibal, but along with her third husband, she descends on the eve of the charismas from the mountains and continues to swallow and eat those children who remain to be naughty. 

Furthermore, she possesses a cat known as the yule cat (the black cat). Her black cat also eats the kids but with little difference. It swallows only those children who do not give clothes on the eve of Christmas. 

This part of the story has been exempted mainly because the people have complaints that this horror story harms their children. So, you can spend December weather in Iceland seeing these celebrations. 

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New Year’s Celebration in December Weather in Iceland

In December, the Icelandic weather witnesses another great event celebrated in Reykjavik and other towns of Iceland. Of course, the new year’s celebrations are a greatly celebrated event that you can join during your stopover in Iceland in December weather. 

For this celebration, a huge amount of fireworks is undertaken in the street of Reykjavik, which leaves great joy and amazement.

The massive crowds rush to see this commemorative firework on the eve of the new year’s celebration. The Icelandic Search and Rescue Organization also play its due role and fund the locals to buy the fireworks and set them on as per their wishes. 

Besides, you can avail yourself of seeing Imagine Peace Tower and 10 Kilometer Run cultural events. On December 31, you can spot the Winter Solstice celebration that you should not miss during your stay in Iceland in December weather. 

Things to Be Undertaken in December Weather in Iceland

Undertaken in December Weather in Iceland
Undertaken in December Weather in Iceland

Continue to read what other things can you undertake in December:

  • Experience Ice Caving in December: You can utilize this month’s weather to explore Ice caves. These will remain a spectacular part of your December tour to Iceland. Vatnajokull and Skaftafell Nature Reserve will give you many opportunities to experience Ice caving in December. 
  • Enjoy the Northern Lights in December: Darkening nights with considerably longer darkness of 20 hours a day. No one can miss the dazzling Northern Lights in December during such swelling darkness. To see these lights, your stay out of the city lights will be benefitting. 
  • Explore Lava Caves in December: Take lava caves as part of your December expedition in Iceland. The fact is that the lava cave allows water to seep in due to their porous roofs. This seeping water freezes and takes the shape of sculptures due to the freezing temperature in December. So, these lava caves can also invite you to visit Iceland during December weather. Leidarendi, Vidglemir, and Raufarholshellir ice caves are famous destinations.  
  • You can enjoy snorkeling and diving. Go on glacier hiking, too as well. Experience the ride of snowmobiling. The whale watching activity is not to miss in December. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, the waterfalls of Saljalandfoss, and Skogafoss are the worth-visiting. Be cautious about driving in December because the roads are covered with snow and ice caps. 

Final Word: Weather in Iceland in December

You can make your tour during weather in Iceland in December enjoyable if you utilize the details given by Tourism Iceland concerning Iceland December weather. Stay safe and enjoy the amazing tours in Iceland.