Do you inquire about the fall changes in Icelandic tourist destinations and operations? Tourism Iceland informs you how is the weather in Iceland in September changing and what can suit your tourist plans in Iceland through this post of guidance and tips? 

The touristic attraction in September to Iceland still has value because September has loner days, but it is still far from the winter season to prevail.

Besides, the road conditions are conducive to tourist activities due to the absence of fog and snowfall. Thus, many tourist destinations are still accessible.

Weather in Iceland in SeptemberYou can even reach the farthest areas in Iceland in September. Thus, we recommend that your plan to visit Iceland in September can make you enjoy fully and the September weather in Iceland will be in your favor. Keep on reading this piece of tips. (Source)

Find out September Weather in Iceland 

The weather in September helps you enjoy the same tourist activities that you have been engaging in in the summer season, including glacier hiking, etc.

The unpredictability phenomenon of Icelandic weather in September still hovers, so be ready to face rainfall any time a day. 


On the other side, the weather in September is distinguished mainly due to the low pressure that exists in September. This low pressure gives birth to the gusting winds. It brings winds and makes you misty through the heavy spells of precipitation.

Be ready to confront such a condition. Besides, hovering around the capital Reykjavik means enjoying a warmer season during the day in September in Iceland. Reykjavik sustains comparatively a warmer temperature than the other parts of the country. 


September in Iceland also brings a mild season. You may experience an average temperature prevailing around 47.3 F. The average high will be 50 F, whereas the average low keeps you warm at 42 F. You can experience the weather of both summer and winter. 


Your visit to Iceland will be enjoyable due to the daylight factor. Though the daylight has decreased yet, it remains a cause of longer days.

Daylight Besides, the longer nights have also returned. It means the darkness is to prevail that is a cause to show you the Northern Lights. At the beginning of September, there is sunrise at 6:11 am, whereas the sunset happens at 8:41 pm.

On the contrary hand, the sun rises at 7:30, whereas the sunset is at 7 pm. Hence, the day timings decrease from 13.5 hours to 11 hours a day. 

Enjoy the Following Icelandic Marvels in September 

The weather in Iceland in September requires you to observe the following marvels of Iceland particularly: 

Seeing the Northern Lights

Due to the increased duration of nights, the darkening side of the September nights has returned, which makes you see the Northern Lights. So, if you plan to see the Northern Lights in September, there is a possible time for you to explore this feature. 

Crowds and Prices in September

If you plan to visit Iceland in September, you have chosen a viable time to explore the tourist destinations in Iceland. Due to the off-season feature in September, there will be less crowd which is a herald of the low airfares. Besides, the tourist spots will be feasting tourists in fewer numbers. 

Volcano Activities in September

You can find around 300 volcanos in Iceland. To spend September weather, you can explore these volcanos by visiting many of them and going inside some of them.

Volcano Activities in SeptemberOn the other hand, September peeps on the edge of the winter season and presents the last chance in a year to let you explore the warm waters of Askja Crater Lake. Likewise, explore Westman Island to experience volcanos scenes. 

Ice Climbing in September

During September weather in Iceland, you can enjoy the activity of ice climbing and glacier hike. In this effort, you can explore the Vatnajokull glacier, Svinafesjokul glacier, and Langjokul glacier.

Besides glacier hikes and ice climbing, tourists can enjoy the snowmobiling ride. So, September is a conducive part of the Icelandic weather that you can utilize to meet your touristic passion. 

Kayaking in September

In September, you will find many opportunities from the water to enjoy in Iceland. To do this, kayaking activity is much more feasible in Iceland. On the other end, September will be the last epoch when you can go Kayaking. You can avail glacial lagoon for Kayaking. 

Watching Whales in September

To see the whales in Iceland, you can visit this island anytime in a year. However, you can sufficiently utilize the boat ride for watching whales due to the warmer and mild weather.

Watching Whales in SeptemberIn winter, boat riding seems a bit difficult. Therefore, Tourism Iceland is right to recommend you visit Iceland in September to see the baleen whales particularly. 

Bathing in Hot Springs in September

To bath in the hot spring, tourists are lucky enough to explore Iceland’s widely scattered hot springs. September is also the last chance to enjoy this activity because the winter season is un-favoring for bathing in such pools.

Although you can take a bath in the said hot springs in winter, September is a more favoring time for this activity. 

Driving around the Ring Road in September

Although you can enjoy driving around Iceland through the famous Ring Road throughout the year, September will be a prime time to enjoy this driving before the winter starts.

September offers you safe driving in the Ring Road, Golden Circle, South Coast, Snaefellsness Peninsula Lake Myvatn, etc. 

Exploring Highlands in September

Weather in Iceland in September 1Before the winter starts, September enables you for the last to visit the highlands in Iceland. You can travel through your cars and buses till the mid of September in the Icelandic highlands. To explore highlands in September, you can reach Landmannalaugar’s Rhyolite Mountain. 

Last Chance to Westfjords in September

The Wesfjords is the westernmost part of Iceland. It has a dramatic beauty, but fewer tourists visit this part due to its least visited feature.

The roads to this part remain open in Summer; however, these roads are closed with the advent of the winter season. September weather in Iceland is the last chance to see the natural beauty in Westfjords. 

Final Word: September Weather in Iceland

The details mentioned above about the weather in Iceland in September are relevant brief for the tourists who plan to visit Iceland in September weather. If you consider these details, you can utilize them as per your ambitions and make your tour very cheerful.