Of course, you love to visit the destinations of tourist attractions in Iceland. The first question that may come into your mind evolves “Is Iceland the safest country?”. Indeed, Iceland, the land of ice and fire, is the home to fantastic tourism destinations. So, you will find Iceland the safest country in the world. This is not a one-person assessment. 

Instead, to believe Iceland is the safest country, there are the rankings assigned to the safest countries in the world in 2022. According to these ranking rates, the relevant organizations have certified Iceland’s safest country globally.

Besides, while visiting Iceland, tourists need to find “Is Iceland safe to live?” According to the Global Peace Safety Index, tourists confirm Iceland safest country because this index shows Iceland at the top list of the safest countries to live in the world. 


Here, we provide detailed 10 reasons Why is Iceland so safe? And also, why is Iceland so peaceful? These reasons include as follows:

Free from Dangerous Animals

Free from Dangerous Animals

If you plan to visit Iceland, you will find Iceland the safest country primarily because it is free of dangerous and harmful animals. With dangerous ’animals’ presence, no tourist destination can be safe to visit and live in. In Iceland, you will find that deadly animals such as mosquitoes, ticks, sneaks, bears, poisonous spiders are missing in this country. 

The lions and tigers with their harmful jaws are dangerous for tourist activities. You will be safe from these hazardous animals. Of course, you need to visit the countryside or the highlands in Iceland to meet your tourist flavor.

Thus, it is recommendable you erect a tent or whatever you have in a forest, countryside and all around in the country feel safe and secure of any harm that a hazardous animal can do to the tourists. 

Likewise, there will be no pests. You will find only the Arctic fox. But this animal is not much harmful. If you remain away from it, it is unlikely to cause you any harm. So, this is the first reason that makes Iceland the safest country in the world in 2021.

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Low Crime Rate

In a country with crimes, are tourist activities safe? Certainly, not. You can visit Iceland and will find Iceland’s safest country because there is a very low crime rate. This is the land that is free from any harmful elements. There are no mafias. The population Iceland has is roughly a medium city in the world. Therefore, no corrupt details or groups can be found.

Low Crime RateBesides, the governments ensure all regulations to make this tinny population free from criminals. There are personal belongings of the Icelanders. No stealing is heard. Yes, of course, a daughter can steal the care of his mother to go to school.

A son can steal his father’s car for his matters. Be sure this is not a crime if a daughter or son takes a car from her mother or his father’s. This is another reason why Iceland is the safest country. 

Free of Discrimination

There is another reason why Iceland is the safest country? This is because Iceland enjoys equality for all, irrespective of their creed, race, and gender. You will find there is no concept of discrimination.

A sense of exception is missing entirely. Iceland is a country where people feel different from humans. Humans try to find a way to look better-classified or be exceptional. 

But, Icelanders feel to be only Icelanders. There is no feeling of classification. The reason for being free of discrimination prevails to such an extent that the law protects women versus men.

No women will be seen to getting wages lower than male fellows. This small but full of peace country is leaning now towards another phenomenon. They marry of the same sex. They adopt marriages of the same gender. 

Free of DiscriminationMoreover, you will find an organization very active to work for free of discrimination in Iceland. Trans Iceland is working for Icelanders and ensuring to protect them from acting as per their religious practices.

You will be amazed further by knowing that a plot is allotted to build a mosque in Reykjavik. From this fact, you can see why Iceland will be the safest country in the world in 2021. 

According to Icelandic law, you will also learn that no discrimination is allowed to practice. If discrimination is found based on race, ethnicity, religion, color, sexual orientation, sexual inclination, sexual practices, the transgressor will be penalized.  

Pollution Free Atmosphere

To know further why Iceland is the safest country? You will find that living in Iceland is safe due to the pollution-free atmosphere and equality to enjoy the fresh air.

Everyone who visits Iceland believes Iceland is the safest country to live in. Mainly, Iceland is the most unassailable presentation for those tourists who land in Iceland from the larger cities-full of rush and hustle. 

Why is Iceland the Safest CountryAnother fact that makes Iceland the safest country is the location of Iceland in the mid of the Atlantic Ocean. The country is way from the pollution-generating lands and industrialized hazards.

You will find greenery all around that provides with the bombs of oxygen. Start to absorb them one after another. Of course, breathing in the fresh air is no less than a blessing in the modern world. 

While in Iceland, you will enjoy and rejuvenate enormously in the abundant fresh and clean air. So, green energy and greenery are the hallmarks of the safest country like Iceland.  

Guaranteed Personal Safety 

Another reason Iceland is the safest country is the guaranteed personal safety. If you find a person armed with a gun, you cannot perceive him as peaceful or in the peaceful milieu he lives around. Of course, Iceland is where no one is seen with a gun and instruments of harm. Here, every person is guaranteed in the form of their safety.  

The added fact that denotes the worsening situation of a country is the armed body guards’ protection. You will find no one in Iceland accompanied or protected by armed bodyguards.

To add further, even those who wield the position of social hierarchy or power are seen without bodyguards. This is not the saga of fewer days. Phases of history have passed, but no personal safety incident has occurred yet in Iceland. 

Moreover, the exciting thing concerning personal safety in Iceland is that the President of Iceland feels no personal threat. He feels to be guaranteed personal safety. This was the reason why he refused to make his car bomb or bulletproof. So, these facts show why Iceland will be the safest country in the world in 2021.

No Protests

Before planning to land in Iceland, you should know one more reason why Iceland is the safest country globally, and that is the absence of protests from Iceland. A country with a flow of demonstrations daily digs the grave for tourist operations and business. 

Protests deny tourism in all senses. On the part of Iceland, you will find no incident of a single protest, even in Reykjavik or other parts of the country. 

This is the feature that Icelanders very widely take pride in. They say we enjoy once gay pride. This feature has its origin in the fact that Iceland has a small population. There is no rush of people in the country.

On the other hand, they boast of every Icelander’s custom to care for their fellow Icelanders. They remain very close to each other and are habitual of helping one another. 

Besides, you will find that the Icelanders are mature nationals. There is not much ignorance. While discussing prejudice and hate, these evils come from ignorance and immature thinking. You will find love is all in all. So, this reason shows why Iceland is the safest country.

Small Towns Population

This is the reason why Iceland’s safest country supports evidence of the afore-said feature of no protest in Iceland. In Iceland, the towns, particularly the capital Reykjavik, hold small populations. There is no hazing flood of humans in the country’s villages.

Small Towns PopulationThere is no big city. Even Reykjavik, the capital, does not maintain such a significant population to be considered a city. The total population is around 220000, with 2/3 of it living in the capital. That is why Reykjavik is named as a town. Otherwise, it has countable homes. 

Due to this feature, Icelanders are much integrated and interact with their neighbors. They have their own sports team with neighbors, schools, and playgrounds. So, Iceland depicts as the community of sportsmen. That is why they interact as sportsmen and result in peace and safety. This is the reason why Iceland is the safest country in the world.

Driving Regulations

In Iceland, you will find stringent regulations for driving. Due to this strictness, there is a minimum rate of accidents. With the absence of strict rules concerning driving, there are chances of rush and careless driving that lead to accidents and precious human lives.

You will find no significant highway in Iceland. You are allowed to drive at a speed of only 90 km. This is the speed you can only maintain while operating outside the city of Reykjavik.

Driving Regulations 

If somebody is found violating these traffic rules and regulations, he faces high rates of fines and challans. These regulatory features have made the traveling of Icelanders and tourists safe and peaceful.

On the part of risky driving, there is only one factor that may derail you from safety: the weather. To enjoy safe driving in the weather, keep checking the weather conditions and take the route accordingly. 

Peaceful Nature and Direction

There is another reason for Iceland being one of the safest countries in the world. This reason is the peaceful nature of the Icelanders and their friendly direction in life.

You must understand that they don’t have an army to know their nature. They have police but without guns in their hands. The police officials are to help Icelanders and tourists. 

They have guns because there is no need. You will see SWAT teams in Iceland holding firearms that can be called for help if needed. The police are polite in their manners. You can call for them in a time of need.

Peaceful Nature and DirectionThey will be available politely and courteously. Therefore, Iceland is the safest and most peaceful country in the world. That is why tourists in a large number visit Iceland every year. 

Education, Employment and Standard of Living

In Iceland, there is a high rate of education. According to the human development index, 77 % of Icelander males have high school certificates. Likewise, 78 % of females have completed the same education. Similarly, the Icelanders 68 % males have better employment. This is another reason why Iceland is the safest country. 

Moreover, Iceland maintains one of the highest living standards in Europe. According to indexes, the overall living standard in Europe is 25 %, while in Iceland, the tallest living standard is 29 %. This is another reason to know why Iceland will be the safest country in the world in 2021. 

Final Word

While knowing all the above-said reasons, you may understand well “why is Iceland so safe country? And why is Iceland so peaceful country?” It would help if you kept in mind that your visit to Iceland would be safe and sound. Due to these ten reasons, it is also clear that Iceland is safe to live in. So, tourists worldwide can land in Iceland without any reservation about “Is Iceland a peaceful country?”